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Scholarship information

The deadline for scholarships is extended to Friday the 17th of May.

Please go to this link!/home/auth/login?r=nbac%20suncoast and fill out all the required information.

Instructions on filling out Campdoc information

Dear Parents and Participants of Suncoast NorthBay HS YFC Campers,

YFC Camp utilizes to offer an online electronic health record system for our camps. The system consolidates and integrates camper health information and consent forms into a centralized and secure database.

The security, confidentiality and privacy of your child’s personal health information will always be protected. Only YFC Camp staff and your local YFC trip leader will have access to camper health information. The site is secure, encrypted and password protected.

How to Register and Fill out the Electronic Medical Record:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your email and begin filling out the form. (If returning, it is same login info as 2018)

    1. Please note if you do not already have an email you will be required to create one in order to fill this out. It is a requirement for legal e-signatures to have personally identifiable login for each account (i.e. your own email address to create a CampDoc account)

    2. A child’s email is not acceptable. A parent/guardian email must be used to fill out the CampDoc profile for each kid. 

  3. Register for your “Session” by selecting the group your child will be attending camp with. There should only be one “session” available to register for. 

  4. The next step will offer you a “Protection Plan.” This is a supplemental insurance service provided by CampDoc company and is not an offering of Youth For Christ USA. This is completely your choice as a parent to purchase but please note it is not a requirement of YFC Camp in order to attend camp with us. 

  5. Continue to work through the steps completing your child’s “Profile.” All the red buttons along the right side of your screen will be green when the Profile is completed. 

    1. You can opt-in to apply for a national YFC Camp scholarship for your child via this Camp Doc Registration. To do so, make sure you fill out the Participant Information page and the Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact Information page prior to applying for the scholarship. Work through all the steps on this page, saving answers as necessary.

    2. There will be an option to download a “Medication Confirmation Form” to include with your child’s medications brought to camp. This is helpful to our Medical Teams in keeping track of the medications and dosing while at camp. If you cannot print this form, that is okay – just make sure to have medication in original containers with prescription info on the bottles and that it is clearly marked with your child’s name and what group they are with. 

A Few Things to Note: 

  • The forms have E-Signature. These are accepted and meet requirements for legal signatures.

  • The system saves everything automatically as you work through it. Don’t let the fact that there is no “Save” button throw you off. Therefore, you can work on it, take a break, go get information and come back to it another time by logging back in.

  • You will receive periodic notifications from the system if you have not completed required health information.

  • Your child’s Trip Leader has access to the system and has training resources if you run into problems, please connect with that person for immediate assistance.

    CampDoc Support:

    We are excited to continually evolve, building safer, more productive and more efficient systems to create the best experience for you and your child! We cannot wait to see you this summer!

    The YFC Camp Team